Covered Bridges

Today we went on a coddiwomple in search of a couple of covered bridges. I found this map of all the covered bridges in the area, and decided it was worth exploring!

The drive took us on this beautiful back road and we saw wildlife along the way.

Can you spot it?


Then we got to the location of the first covered bridge and guess what?

There was NO BRIDGE!

Oh there used to be, but it was clearly gone now, just a gap in the road, where people park to load kayaks into the river and fish.

Not to say that the view wasn’t nice. (It definitely was.)

Then I looked at the map and saw the other covered bridge in the area, and I know this one is still standing, since I was there a few years ago.

 Today, I wasn’t able to get such an amazing photo. First, the season is wrong for it – it’s summer not fall. Also, the place was packed and there was no parking, kayakers were EVERYWHERE you turned!

I can’t say I blame them though, this spot is perfect! If I lived close enough, I’d be there all the time too!



Life Plan Update #467,872

I have thought about it for many hours, days, and weeks even, I finally came to the conclusion that I will NOT be returning to school. It turns out I am a less than eager to take on the debt that comes with returning to college yet again for another degree. So you’ll notice the countdown to starting school in the fall has been removed from my blog, and I’ve done a little revamping of the site. (I am quite happy with the new look…let me know what you think!)

This is not going to change my blog however, as I will always be actively pursuing creative things to keep me occupied, I hope never to let my art fall on the wayside. I am however, quite glad I will be keeping it as a hobby. In this way there are no restraints on what I choose to do. No restrictions. I can just go with what moves me. In this way, it will always stay fun for me.

My coddiwomples will also stay the same, although, if you read my last update I am busy saving money right now so I think they will get more creative. I’d like to find all the free coddiwomples I can do in Michigan. This way I can save my money, and still get to have an adventure! It’s a win-win situation!

Life is about to get a whole lot busier for me, and I think I will be introducing more books into my life as time goes on – as boy have I missed reading. I finished one of my books, The Glittering Court by Richelle Mead this past weekend. It kept me entertained while I overcame a cold. A page turner for sure as one exciting thing lead to the next!


Coddiwomple’s Revamped!

I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to get more creative with my coddiwomples. By that I mean finding more ways to do things that are free activities. We all like to save money don’t we? I am no exception. So in honor of this new proposal I am going to dedicate a goodly portion of my coddiwomples to finding free activities to do in Michigan.

It’s easy to find something to do when one has money – you can just pick and choose from any number of places to visit, but what if we take money out of the equation? How much can we find to do then? I bet we can still find a good portion of activities that require little to no money involved. Perhaps a little gas money will be required, but who says you can’t have a coddiwomple in your own backyard? I’m making these rules up as I go, and I say coddiwomples can be any number of activities – even if it’s just finding something fascinating close to home.

This weekend I am going to start this venture – so I am busy planning as usual, trying to figure out just what free activity I can come up with next. Perhaps my coddiwomple will be taking me into another world, a world out of a book, as I fear it may be a rainy weekend! We shall see however. Only time will tell!

Michigan Legacy Art Park

Today is sculpture day and in honor of that I went north to check out the Michigan Legacy Art Park. I’d never heard of it until just yesterday when scrolling through the Facebook events I saw an event taking place at this park, intrigued I looked it up.

It’s a 30 acre park, up and down rather steep inclines I found out with sculptures and poetry stones throughout the hike. Let’s just say I found out how out of shape I am by doing this hike today – and only managed about 2/3 of the hike. I did see some incredible sculptures, all Michigan related. Lucky for me I also went early on an off-day so I had the park to myself so I took my time enjoying the scenery.

Grand Haven, Michigan

So I went on a coddiwomple today! Love those coddiwomples! (I still don’t know if I am using the word properly, but we’re going to just roll with it…)

We headed out to Grand Haven today, on what you would think would be a beautiful spring day, but instead felt frigid and stayed cloudy. Not the ideal day for a road trip, I like ’em sunny and warm!

Either way we braved the cold and saw Lake Michigan. My first viewing of the season.

img_3674 We walked along the water a bit, but it was pretty chilly so that didn’t last long! We drove around a bit, and found a neat hidden overlook (picture at the end). Then img_3677we headed to the downtown area to see what’s what in this out of season visit.

We checked out an art gallery – where I got to see some very interesting ways of using art in various mediums and checked out a few other beach-y shops along the way. I found a couple of gifts for the folks even in the most unusual place.

We stopped for coffee chatted for a bit – before heading back to the car. You see while we were chatting I got “hired” to do an outdoor art piece for my Aunt. I’m going to paint an outside post that the bird feeder rests on, in bright bold colors, quite eclectic I’d say. I love it! So we got out of there so we could head to Michaels and pick up our supplies.

I couldn’t resist picking up some modeling clay to try while I was there! Check out my results here.


Saturday Coddiwomple

Today’s coddiwomple took me to one of my favorite nearby places, where I was hoping (and succeeded) in finding some inspiration for my next practice piece.

Rockford, MI

If you haven’t visited this small adorable town, I highly recommend it. Not only does it have beautiful walkways complete with a park alongside a dam. (Lot’s of fishing is done here!) It is filled with restaurants and unique shops for those who are so inclined to visit.

You know you’re from a small town when….the local phone book has only one yellow page.

I went early hoping to find a parking spot, and was shocked to see parking was already limited. (That’s a Saturday for ya!) I intended to stick around and draw from my car, but couldn’t find a parking spot that would let me hang out for more than 15 minutes, so instead I took a few pictures and found the place to inspire my next drawing, The Corner Bar. It’s a rather famous little place, serving all sorts of food, but they are mostly famous for their hot dogs. Their walls are covered with plaques of all the people that competed and completed the hot dog challenge there, and my favorite thing to do when I was a kid (and I have to admit – still as an adult) is look for familiar names!

The old building inspired me, along with the nearby bench and lamp-post and I thought it might make a good drawing. So today I am working on my drawing, and now that I’ve started it I realize it could take me a VERY long time to finish.

Is that a bad thing?

So while I was planning on sharing lots of images with you this weekend, you’re only going to get one, a sneak peek. A work in progress, the partial sketch of the corner bar. Warning – it’s hard to see – I sketch lightly when I start a project!






Now here is a word I never thought I’d find: Coddiwomple. It’s my new favorite word, so I thought it needed a place on my blog. It’s perfect as a new menu item, where I’ll be sharing any travel-type blogs with you.

You can find the definition here which is where I found the word in the first place!

Coddiwomple (V.) English To Travel In A Purposeful Manner Towards A Vague Destination

My whole life summed up in one word: Coddiwomple! ha ha ha.