The Curse of the Inner Critic

Whenever I am having a day like today, where my inner critic has deflated my ego I re-read this article.  It’s called “Can I draw?” – How to tell if you’re good enough. It reminds me that I need to focus on MY art and not trying to create a reproduction. Particularly in the case where I am trying to reproduce a photograph. It also reminds me not to be so darn hard on myself. It has been years since I’ve been drawing regularly, and like I mention all the time, you need to PRACTICE drawing to be good at it. You need to do it all the time.

With that being said, I wasn’t going to share an update to my progress on the drawing I choose this morning to work on out of concern that someone would criticize it as hard as I criticize myself.

Then I realized something…This is me. This is MY blog. This is MY life, and this is MY drawing, it’s not perfect, but it does reflect who I am well enough and if someone wants to critique, then so be it. So with that final decision made, here it is, my drawing (a work in progress) beside the original photograph I took.


Saturday Coddiwomple

Today’s coddiwomple took me to one of my favorite nearby places, where I was hoping (and succeeded) in finding some inspiration for my next practice piece.

Rockford, MI

If you haven’t visited this small adorable town, I highly recommend it. Not only does it have beautiful walkways complete with a park alongside a dam. (Lot’s of fishing is done here!) It is filled with restaurants and unique shops for those who are so inclined to visit.

You know you’re from a small town when….the local phone book has only one yellow page.

I went early hoping to find a parking spot, and was shocked to see parking was already limited. (That’s a Saturday for ya!) I intended to stick around and draw from my car, but couldn’t find a parking spot that would let me hang out for more than 15 minutes, so instead I took a few pictures and found the place to inspire my next drawing, The Corner Bar. It’s a rather famous little place, serving all sorts of food, but they are mostly famous for their hot dogs. Their walls are covered with plaques of all the people that competed and completed the hot dog challenge there, and my favorite thing to do when I was a kid (and I have to admit – still as an adult) is look for familiar names!

The old building inspired me, along with the nearby bench and lamp-post and I thought it might make a good drawing. So today I am working on my drawing, and now that I’ve started it I realize it could take me a VERY long time to finish.

Is that a bad thing?

So while I was planning on sharing lots of images with you this weekend, you’re only going to get one, a sneak peek. A work in progress, the partial sketch of the corner bar. Warning – it’s hard to see – I sketch lightly when I start a project!